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Backyard Summer Fun - Is it Safe?

Summertime means home backyard fun but don't forget to make it safeYour backyard might be a fun place for the kids and the rest of the family. But is it safe?

Each year, more than 200,000 kids are treated in hospital ERs for playground-related injuries.

How does your backyard measure up?



Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to have a safe summer on land, in the air or in the water.

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Home Insurance Tip
As homeowners, we all try to see that our home is safe at all times.  Summertime is typically the time when most outdoor entertaining and recreation takes place. So it offers the highest risk for accidents.  Be sure you are prepared in case a visitor is injured on your property.  Check with your insurance agent to be sure that your homeowners liability coverage will take care of any such claims.  In fact, you might also ask about Personal Umbrella coverage to expand your liability protection.  Your insurance agent can guide you in making the right decisions to meet your own circumstances. 

The scope of your insurance coverage and options depend entirely upon the policy and the insurance company providing it.  This website is not intended to advise, offer or bind coverage.  You should always discuss your insurance issues with professionals such as a licensed and qualified insurance agent before making any decisions or choosing a course of action.  Linduist Insurance is a full-service insurance agency offering auto insurance for your vehicle, home insurance for homeowners, renters and condo dwellers, business/commercial insurance and life insurance to all of Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), Washington DC, West Virginia (WV) and Pennsylvania (PA) since 1992. Our experienced insurance agents  at both our Frederick and Annapolis offices welcome your inquiries and are glad to discuss your coverage needs at any time.

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